Agent business plan with KPI calculator


In this ‘Annual Agent Business Plan’ you’ll learn everything you need to know about goal setting and determining which of your aspirations are most important to you. In addition, we supply you with worksheets and plans that you can use to track your progress and keep on top of all of your monthly and annual goals.


Are you a real estate agent that wants to learn how to create an effective annual business plan that helps you create monthly breakdowns of what you’ll need to achieve each month to reach your annual goals? This course will help you achieve just that.

After completing this plan, you’re bound to feel more motivated and far more organised, as well as completely well equipped when it comes to reaching your goals and staying on track. You’ll be given all the tools you need for carving out your path to success.

Not only does this course focus on your career and commission goals, but it also focuses on your personal aspirations. To avoid burnout and give yourself the best chance of success when it comes to your career, we believe that you need to have a good work/life balance and that your personal goals are just as important as your career goals.

This plan has been created by Marnie Beauchamp, who has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry in Australia and has experienced many successes. The insight that she provides in this course will prove to be exceptionally valuable, no matter at what point you find yourself in your career.

What you’ll learn

  • How to break down your targets from yearly goals to weekly KPI’s.
  • Calculate dollar productive activity goals & focal points.
  • A self rating template to pinpoint strengths & weaknesses.
  • Calculations to work out your BDA statistics.

Agent business plan with KPI calculator