Sales Training

Group or Solo

Provide your Agency and BDM teams with the power to increase sales and life balance with this activity-based program. Suitable for agents of all levels this engaging training includes interactive role play sessions and it is tailored around your specific requirements. Select your preferred topic for each session so that we can create your unique program, making it fun and all inclusive for the entire team.

If you’re looking for redirection, a structured growth plan or you’re looking to start your own agency, this all-encompassing and personalised program is perfect for you.

With a booming marketplace and the subsequent increase in your daily activities, many business owners find themselves working in the business and spending little to no time working on it. This is likely to cause a number of issues within the business as time goes on.

After an initial consultation to understand your business landscape, you will engage in a two day one on one workshop with your key management team.