Creating prospects out of listings

Have you just listed a property? Well done! Do you know what to do next? Have you got a plan of action to turn this listing into your most successful yet in terms of creating prospects? There is never a stone left unturned when you follow the Marnie Beauchamp methodology, and your one listing can create an exponential base of new prospects when done right. Make sure you stand out and engage with as many potential leads as possible!


The Marnie Beauchamp Creating Prospects Out Of Listings Checklist is designed to help you relook at your listing process and use it as a strategic tool to generate future business. The idea behind the course is to give you the tools and insights you need to ensure that you maximise your client reach in every arena from the moment you secure the listing. Each listing becomes so much more than merely selling one property; it becomes the launchpad for populating your pipeline with constant and consistent leads that help you generate more opportunities.


This checklist gives you the tools you need in order to create a regular flow of prospective leads by utilising an individual listing as a starting block for a host of interactions both with your client and potential buyers, as well as soon to be clients and potential leads. The Marnie Beauchamp Creating Prospects Out Of Listings Checklist is a step by step guide on creating value for every touchpoint within the listing process for both your clients and for your future business! This course gives you a reliable procedure for every sale that acts doubly as a network of lead generation and a client retention tool.

What you’ll receive

In this outline, you will learn about new and inspired ways to elevate your lead generation, interaction, and activation. You will discover what it means to leverage every available engagement point in order to create a regular and, therefore, more lucrative commission income stream. More than anything else, the Marnie Beauchamp Creating Prospects Out Of Listings plan will help you understand that when you list a property, your prospecting process to generate leads begins in earnest. Transform the way you find new business by maximising the potential of every single listing!

  • Rethink your lead generation strategies.
  • Turn every interaction into a value-driven touchpoint.
  • Use a reliable formula for guaranteed future success.
  • Improve communication and engagement with prospective clients.

Creating prospects out of listings