EBU - job outlines & hiring tips

About course

In this ‘Building an EBU’ by Marnie Beauchamp, you’ll learn how to set up an effective EBU by getting your team dynamic right. Learn how to structure your team correctly by hiring people with different job skills so that all of your processes become streamlined and fit in with your requirements. Build a strong foundation and a team that you can trust! 


Having a thriving EBU (Effective Business Unit) is very important to the success of any real estate agent and agency, but building an EBU definitely comes with its challenges. It is not always easy to know when to bring new team members on board and what skills and personality traits to look out for. At the end of the day, it is very important for your team to have good communication skills and great team dynamics.

The goal when building an EBU is to increase productivity & profitability by developing a structured team around the lead agent. Where many go wrong is in bringing on “assistants”, and they both end up doing everything together. This is not ideal!

Without proper job descriptions, effective communication and the right integrative systems, your workload remains the same, but your overheads will go up, and your profitability will go down.

Marnie Beauchamp, the creator of this information, has almost thirty years of industry experience and has overcome many challenges when it comes to building an EBU. Through trial and error, she has found the most effective ways of hiring new staff and building a thriving EBU. 

What you’ll receive

  • Which skills are most important to look out for when hiring new team members.
  • How to maintain good communication and team dynamics.
  • Which roles are most important to fill.
  • Breakdown of personality traits, skills, and degrees needed for each team member in your EBU.
  • What mistakes to avoid when building an EBU.

EBU – job outlines & hiring tips