Ideal week - sample template

About the template

Gain insider tips and tricks when it comes to planning your ideal week as a real estate agent. In this template, you are provided with the tools, spreadsheets, and advice needed to ensure that your week goes according to plan and that you achieve all the goals you have set out for yourself. In this ‘Sample Ideal Week’ by Marnie Beauchamp, you learn how to set yourself up for success by planning your week most effectively.


As a real estate agent, you’ll know that no two days ever look the same and that you have a long list of things you need to remember if you want to stay on top of your goals and not drop the ball.

So what does the ideal week look like? The ideal week should include:

  • Equally working on your business as well as in it.
  • Keeping in touch with buyers and sellers.
  • Managing buyers more effectively.
  • Consistent & persistent lead generation.
  • Motivational & accountable timeslots to start & finish your day.
  • Planning to stay on track & performing.
  • Time management.

In this sample ideal week, we provide you with the tools you need to create and plan the ideal workweek for yourself as a real estate agent. We take a very practical and realistic approach to weekly planning and understand that different agent’s ideal weeks may look slightly different.

This ‘Ideal Week’ has been created by Marnie Beauchamp, who, after over twenty eight years of experience in real estate, knows what an ideal week should look like! Her advice and insight are truly valuable to real estate agents, both new and experienced.

What you’ll receive

  • How to use your time most effectively.
  • How to plan the ideal work week and get everything that you need to get done.
  • Tips for keeping in touch with customers.
  • Breakdowns of different types of buyers and sellers and the actions required for each.
  • How to keep up the motivation to achieve your goals week after week.

Ideal week – sample template