Lead generation checklist


In this ‘Lead Generation’ planning tool by Marnie Beauchamp, you’ll learn all about making the most of your network (both in-person and online) and generating leads through tried and tested methods. While this checklist is specifically geared towards real estate agents, any salesperson or agent could benefit greatly from the advice and tools provided in this checklist.


As a real estate agent, your network is one of your biggest assets. But how is it that you harness this network to be as advantageous as possible for you? And without driving potential clients away with an oversaturation of marketing material? In this template, we help you get the balance that you need in generating and nurturing quality leads!

We provide you with a spreadsheet that makes it easy and simple to know the best route to take when dealing with leads. And believe us…these techniques work! We also provide you with a calendar that helps you keep track of the lead generation that you’ve done (and the outcomes) each month.

No matter your experience in real estate, you probably have tons of dormant leads that are waiting for an email or call from you. Allow us to help you tap into your networks!!

Marnie Beauchamp is an experienced content builder and real estate agent and has created this information with the intention of helping both new and experienced real estate agents gain knowledge and confidence when it comes to generating and pursuing leads.

What you’ll receive

  • How to make the most of potential leads.
  • What sort of marketing content to send to different ‘categories’ of leads.
  • How often to send out this marketing material.
  • How to keep leads interested in what you have to offer.
  • How to keep on top of generating leads and nurturing potential leads.

Lead generation checklist