Post appraisal follow up with checklist

So you’ve done the appraisal, what happens next? The difference between you and other agents will be your ability to turn an initial touchpoint into a sale. Getting in the door was just your first step, and now you need to follow through in order to convert your lead – that’s the real focus. Do you have a handy guide that you can refer to anytime, depending on the nature of the sale? With this checklist, you do!


The Marnie Beauchamp Post Appraisal Follow Up Checklist provides not only a great step-by-step guide on your follow up procedure after providing an appraisal, but it offers a value-driven range of insights that can help you transform the way you manage your clients, from purpose-driven touchpoints (and inspired examples of how best to utilise this) to know what it takes to secure a listing, this course will help you redefine the way you plan, engage, and follow-through after an appraisal.


The Marnie Beauchamp Post Appraisal Follow Up Checklist is designed as an easy to follow guide that steers you on the right path for any situation. These include scenarios in which the clients need to buy a new home before they sell, whether they are staying in the area, moving out of the area, or going into retirement living, to name a few examples. It also includes scenarios where the client is looking to do renovations before they sell, they are selling an investment property (including instances where the owner is not in the area or deceased), or they will only be ready to list in a few months.

What you’ll receive

With this checklist, you can best identify what it takes to turn a potential client into a client for life and ensure that your post appraisal follow-ups are worthwhile and engaging. The Marnie Beauchamp Post Appraisal Follow Up Checklist offers you useful guidance on interactions, behind-the-scenes preparation, and even details on elevating your open homes since you are on display as much as the property is! Make every point of engagement a motivating factor in why your clients choose you and trust you with their listing.

  • Know what it takes to secure a listing.
  • Find valuable ways in which to check-in.
  • Use a reliable formula for guaranteed future success.
  • Improve communication and engagement with prospective clients.

Post appraisal follow up with checklist