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This document by Marnie Beachamp helps you achieve your real estate goals through a success monitor calendar that helps you review your successes throughout the year. Not only will you get better at tracking your own targets versus actual numbers, but you’ll be able to adjust this success monitor so that it is fully customised to your personal real estate goals. Marnie Beauchamp is an incredible content builder and experienced real estate agent, and you should experience amazing results through this monitor.


Have you been lacking the motivation needed to reach your real estate goals? With this ‘Success Monitor’ template by Marnie Beauchamp, you’ll feel inspired to perform by making use of our success monitor in a calendar form. Being a real estate agent requires bucket loads of self-motivation and accountability and this chart will help you get there.

Every real estate agent wants to make more sales, more commission and gain a greater reputation for what they do. But it can be very difficult to keep track of successes and if you’re actually getting better at what you do or not.

What approach should you take in reaching your goals?

If reaching your goals and achieving success are things that are very important to you, the only way that you’ll realise these goals is by making them a priority in your life. This template specifically measures KPI’s and focuses on monitoring of dollar productive activity and provides you with the necessary measures to magnify strengths & weaknesses and areas you need to work on.

Being able to monitor your path towards your goals on a monthly basis will help to keep you accountable and motivated as well as focused on the desired results and how you are going to achieve them.

What you’ll receive

  • How to track your goals, outcomes and improvements.
  • Accountability and a method to hold yourself accountable.
  • An editable, customised success monitor calendar.
  • How to increase the likelihood of you actually achieving the goals that you have set out for yourself.
  • Keep track of your results, improvements & growth in one cohesive document.

Success monitor