Being an intuitive person can be a powerful tool in your career if you are able to understand it and use it to really connect with your clients & colleagues.

Intuition can be described as the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it.

It gives us the ability to sense what another person is thinking or feeling from their words, emotions and body language. This is referred to as “empathetic accuracy”

For example, when you see a spider crawling up someone’s leg, you feel a creepy sensation.

Similarly, when you observe someone upset from a loss or some other tragedy,

your brain registers the same sensation of loss & heartache.

As a real estate agent, every single outcome is dependent upon the relationship, connection and rapport you build with your clients.

If they don’t like you or you haven’t been able to align yourself with what’s important to them, they will be highly unlikely to want to do business with you. Especially if you push well beyond their comfort zone – they will feel as though you don’t understand them at all and just switch off.

Tuning into your own emotions, and spending time both observing and listening to your client, rather than speaking constantly, will boost your powers of empathy & understanding.

You will also be better able to read people and sense any change in their emotion, body language & tone as soon as it occurs.

When you recognise that shift in their attention, no matter how subtle, you have the opportunity to redirect, ask questions and allay their fears or discomfort in order to bring the conversation back into line with what they are looking for in you.

Matching & mirroring is an important aspect when aligning with someone too, but the emotional connection is much stronger.

No matter what the situation, people just want to be understood, to feel validated and to have their needs met on an emotional, physical & intellectual level.

That is what a good listing agent focuses on.

It’s not the numbers

Or the statistics 

Or themselves 

Equally, when you’re negotiating a sale and you’re getting to the tail end of it, it is crucial that you’re taking into account the indicators mentioned above in your buyer.

There is a critical point upon which your buyer will likely pull the pin and walk away if you don’t correctly gauge their reactions and body language.

When selling anything, it is all about helping the buyer to see value in your product or service

Just use your instincts to help you find that perfect price point.