What is success to you?

What is success to you?

When we ask clients what their purpose is in their business or career, this is what we mostly hear.

I want to be successful

So my next question is inevitably….

And what will that look like for you? When will you know you’re successful?

And what do you think the most common answer is?





I don’t know. ????????‍♀️

Because the reality is that success means something different for everyone. And, it is forever changing.

Success is very rarely a tangible thing.

That may be the outcome but without actually knowing how you’re going to get it then it’s virtually impossible.

Success really is mostly a mindset, a feeling, an accomplishment.

The most accurate definition of success I’ve heard recently was on a Niik Stewart audio program.

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy idea or goal”

Striving for success creates a feeling, that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect – and this is what drives most people. It is a continuous journey and it is when we stop trying that we fail.

The path to success is like a road map, there is no direct path. So if isn’t broken up into measurable actions, it can be a struggle to follow as there will be many deviations and roadblocks along the way.

You may have to change course many times, and stop to celebrate & enjoy the mini successes that you achieve along the way. Because they are your motivation which will boost your energy to keep you going. Look back and reflect on how far you’ve come each step of the way.

These are your fuel stops.

At Hive Consulting Co, our tailored planning sessions build in plenty of mini success points so that you can follow a more distinct path and so that your journey to success is both rewarding & enjoyable!